Live TT Scoreboard Local Edition v2.1 Release Notes

Live TT Scoreboard Local Edition v2.1 Release Notes

The Local Edition is a version of Live TT Scoreboard updated periodically to closely replicate the features of the main mobile application. Instead of the application being on your mobile phone, and the data stored in the cloud, the local edition is for locations with poor internet connections, your PC(Mac or Windows) will act as the server on the local wifi, and will provide URLs to use for streaming and court side scoreboards.

New and Existing Features

FeatureLocal v1.0Local v2.1
Live Stream ScoreboardFixedCustomizable(New) and v1.0
Court Side ScoreboardFixedCustomizable
Number of Tables Supported1Multiple(No Cap)
Score Keeping on PC or PhoneYesYes
Export Game DataNoYes(CSV)
Scoreboard Update IntervalEvery 0.5 secondsReal-time updates.
Platform OSWindows OnlyWindows and MAC OS


For the latest versions, please go to the Local Edition Page below:

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